5 Tips to Better Bluebell Photos


The wait is over  and the famous flowers synonymous with Spring are erupting in a woodland near you! Bluebells are an iconic symbol of Spring, they’re a sign that warmer (if not drier!) days aren’t too far away.

These unique flowers are as common as they are widespread, yet their fleeting appearance makes them very alluring. The chances are you won’t have to travel too far to experience this seasonal spectacle for yourself. Experiencing and photographing such magical scenes however are two very different things.

I meet a lot of people who feel they struggle to capture the magic of scenes like a Bluebell Woods. As a photowalk guide at www.walkingphotographertours.com I love sharing photography tips and helping people to get better photos from their cameras. That’s why I’ve put together five simple ways to improve your photos of this year’s Bluebells.

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Ilkley Moor Photo Walk Gets Thumbs Up From Telegraph

Ilkley Moor Photo Walk  in Daily Telegraph
Last month the popular Ilkley Moor Photo Walk got a mention in the Travel section of the Daily Telegraph.

Featuring in the weekend travel supplement Ilkley Moor Photo Walk was listed in their 50 Great British Holiday Ideas. It’s a thrill and a compliment to appear alongside such top sights and activities! You can see the online version of the article 50 Reasons why a Holiday in Britain beats the Med here.

Apples to Apples (how to get better photos)

Apple cart: two different approaches to photographWhat’s the easiest way to improve your photos?

It’s a question that can conjure up many, many different answers. Hopefully my tuppence worth won’t upset the apple cart!

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