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"Your landscapes and skyscapes are very skilled and you seem to have a real empathy with open spaces and wild plants that comes through in your images.."

- Philip Smith, founder of International Garden Photographer of the Year


Photography is something that should not be learnt in the classroom or online. The best way to learn photography is by getting out and taking photos.

Walking Photographer Tours is an innovative Yorkshire-based photography venture that is all about the joys of photo walking. As well as learning new skills, these walks and workshops help people rediscover familiar scenery in a creative way, while meeting new, like-minded people.

The digital revolution has made photography more accessible and economical than ever. The rise in popularity and advancements in technology mean that photo walks are a cheap way to excercise both mind and body. Walking Photographer Tours will introduce you to the wonders of photo walks and equip you with the skills necessary to embark on your own walking photography adventures.


A little bit about the Walking Photographer

Rich Bunce aka Walking Photographer is a passionate, professional photographer who loves being outdoors walking and exploring any landscape.

Rich has been a professional freelance photographer and designer for nearly 10 years, fulfilling a variety of commissions including editorials, portraiture, PR, outdoor and product photography. Notable clients include brands like M&S, Coca Cola, BBC and Kate Moss Parfums. His photography is exhibited worldwide, including galleries in New York and London.

For more information please visit www.richbunce.com

Rich Bunce Portrait

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Welcome to Yorkshire Memeber, Friend of Ilkley Moor, Walkers are Welcome and Walking for Health
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Walking Photographer Tours is proud to support a number of charities both financially and practically. This includes 5% of all profits after tax going to Cycstic Fibrosis Trust & Prince's Trust - Read More

Supporting Cycstic Fibrosis Trust and Princes Trust

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